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Andy Wounds is the one man Holy Terror Unit, ABRAXIS.

Abraxis have taken the Holy Terror sound and ideal and moved it to their home country of Australia to create a sound and style closely comparable to bands like Ringworm, Integrity and In Cold Blood with more of the dark imagery associated with Holy Terror bands.

Abraxis is preparing to have a prolific 2011...

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I Exist

I Exist are a 5 to 7 piece (depending on who's available) Hardcore band from Canberra Australia.

Put simply, I Exist have brought the hardcore back. Bringing to mind such genre heavyweights as Discharge and Black Flag, the difference between IE and their younger peers can be summed up in one word – doom.

Like their distant British cousins My War and Iron Monkey, I Exist come at hardcore from a completely different, and thus completely refreshing, angle, suffusing their more straightahead ‘core proclivities with monolithic slabs of doom and sludge. They’ve even got an eight and a half minute song (the epic A Bomb Blues, which at times brings to mind guitarist Josh Nixon’s other mob, Pod People), a fact alone that puts this band in a group of one amongst their more orthodox HC peers.

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In Name and Blood

In Name and Blood were a Melbourne Metalcore band who broke up in 2006.

They release 2 LP's, 1 split 7 inch and 2 demo tapes.

The band started out as The Setup but changed the name before the first LP. The band was active for approx 5 years and toured with bands such as Darkest Hout, 18V, Atreyu, Norma Jean, ETID and shiloads more.

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Mid Youth Crisis

Mid Youth Crisis from Melbourne, Australia formed in late 1993 initially under the name Downfall, before changing their name to One Inch Punch in October 94. The initial line-up was Steve (vocals), Dave (bass), Heath (guitar), Adrian (guitar), and Jay (drums).

Steve had previously been in Steadfast, and Jay had previously been in Providence. Under the name Downfall, they released two demo tapes containing four songs. The second being recorded in April 1994.

In December 1996, guitarist Heath left the band due to personal reasons and was eventually replaced by Trent in March 1997, who had moved to Adelaide to play drums for Price Of Silence. While in Adelaide, he also drummed in Buelah’s Fix and unit 1174. Trent had previously played drums in Steadfast with Steve. Having picked up guitar and becoming quite good at it, he returned to Melbourne and commenced playing guitar in M.Y.C.

At the same time the band found out about another One Inch Punch from Europe, who were on the Romeo And Juliet film soundtrack, so they decided to change their name again to Mid Youth Crisis to avoid legal action, as there was plans to tour overseas. The name is also the title track to the album of the same name.

There was another line up change when Trent left the band, and was replaced by Beltsy from hardcore outfit Mindsnare. After two albums, several EPs and singles, and an overseas tour, the band called it a day in 1998. Members went onto new projects, with Adrian joining Blueline Medic, and Jay and Dave on to Identity Theft.

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Now defunct Melbourne Metalcore band.

Originally styled along the lines of The Chariot and Norma Jean, the last EP was more along the lines of Cursed and Converge, and was mixed by Kurt Ballou.

The band went through many line up changes, a couple sound changes, and was lucky enough to tour with bands such as Her Nightmare and The Devil Wears Prada.

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4 Piece Powerviolence/Doom influenced Hard Core band from Perth, Australia.

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