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I Exist - Three Nails and a Book of Flaws 7"

Date · I Exist · MFM001

Debut 7 inch EP by Canberra's I Exist.

First Pressing:

13 Test Presses
105 on Black
105 on White
105 on Clear

Second Pressing:

205 on Transparent Red

Third Pressing (a new pressing):

300 Random Colour Vinyl

Seduction - Black Cranes 7"

Date · Seduction · MFM002

Final 7 inch EP from Melbourne's Seduction

Mixed by Kurt Ballou.
Artwork by Glyn Smythe @ Scrawled.

13 Test Presses
105 on Metallic Gold
105 on Powder Blue
105 on Black
210 on Transparent Red w/Black Haze

Suffer - Lone LP

Date · Suffer · MFM003

Debut album from Perth's Suffer.

5 Rejected Test Presses
14 Test Presses
105 on Orange (Pre order)
205 on White
52 on Transparent Fluro Yellow w/ Baby Pink Splatter (Tour cover)

In Name and Blood - Vultures Demos Tape

Date · In Name and Blood · MFM004

Unreleased demos from defunct Melbourne band In Name and Blood. These were demo's from a 7 inch that never came out as the band broke up. These were for a one off show played in 2010.

50 self dubbed C10 cassette tapes.

Defeat - S/T 7" Cancelled Release

Date · Cancelled Release · MFM005

MFM005 was cancelled, so the number has been parked for now.

I Exist - I: A Turn for the Worse LP

Date · I Exist · MFM006

Debut LP from Canberra's I Exist.

This release has screen printed covers.

The first pressing of this LP is missing the song "One Thousand Hooves"

First Press:

10 Test Presses
155 on Black (165 gram vinyl)

Second Press:

10 Recut Test Presses
116 on "Blood Red" (165 gram vinyl)
13 on "Blood Red"/Black Swirl (165 gram vinyl)

Abraxis - S/T LP

Date · Abraxis · MFM007

Debut LP from Brisbane's One Man Holy Terror Unit, Abraxis.

This release has screen printed covers.

10 Test Presses
115 on Black (165 gram Vinyl)

Second Press:

65 Clear Vinyl

Third Press:

50 Transparent Gold Vinyl

Risk and Reason - Mix Tape

Date · Risk and Reason · MFM008

Mix tape of Risk and Reason's Demo and 2 songs from their debut 7 inch, "Flagwaver". Released for the bands shows in Tasmania in 2010.

37 self dubbed C10 Spray Painted red and black cassette tapes. Tape case sealed with a MFM sticker.

Reality Unfolds - Demo Tape

Date · Reality Unfolds · MFM009

Tape version of Melbourne's Reality Unfolds free demo. Made for the bands shows in Tasmania in 2010.

33 copies on C10/C60 cassette tapes. Spray Painted White and black. Tape case sealed with a MFM sticker.

Half the tapes were left over C10 tapes, the other half were C60 tapes, and have all the songs on one side.

The Seduction - Betrayed LP

Date · The Seduction · MFM010

LP re-issue of Melbourne's The Seduction.

10 Test Presses
100 on Black (165 gram Vinyl)

This record has been plagued with delays and pressing issues. It is now back on track and hopefully will be released August 2012... FINALLY!

Mid Youth Crisis - Happiness & Authority LP

Date · Mid Youth Crisis · MFM011

LP Re-issue of Melbourne's Mid Youth Crisis' last album, Happiness & Authority. Originally released 14 years ago.

13 Test Presses
100 on Black (165 gram Vinyl)
300 on Transparent Gold (165 gram Vinyl)
100 on Clear (165 gram Vinyl)

Suffer - Lone/Bloodwars LP

Date · Suffer · MFM012

Repress of Suffer's - Lone LP with Bloodwars on the B-side.

First Press:

13 Test Presses
100 Black 165 gram Vinyl.


Date · NIL · MFM013

There is currently no MFM013. I am sure I reserved the number for a release, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was...

There may be in the future.

Shotpointblank - Heart of a disbeliever LP

Date · Record Label, Designer, etc. · MFM014

Vinyl Reissue of Heart of a Disbeliever from Adelaide's Shotpointblank.

FIrst Pressing:

13 Test Presses
100 on Transparent Red Vinyl 2/ Black Splatter
200 on Black Vinyl

ProTeam - Our Wasteland 7"

Date · Proteam · MFM015

Vinyl re-issue of Proteam's - Our Wasteland EP.

First Press:

5 Test Presses
300 random coloured vinyl.

Milhouse - Everything's coming up... 7"

Date · Milhouse · MFM016

Debut EP from Sydney's Milhouse.

First Pressing:

5 Test Presses
100 Purple Vinyl
200 Black Vinyl

Marathon - I'll never look at you the same way 7"

Date · Marathon · MFM017

7" from Brisbane's Marathon

First Pressing:

5 Test Press
315 random colour vinyl



Split 7" from International man of Mystery T (VVEGAS) and Queensland's Andy Barber (ABRAXIS).

First Pressing:

13 Test Press
59 Transparent Green Vinyl (GOTU)
89 Orange Vinyl
27 Pink Vinyl (stamped and numbered for Pre orders)
109 Purple Vinyl
36 Camo Green Vinyl
54 Black Vinyl (band copies)

Break Even - Young at Heart 12"

Date · Break Even · MFM019

Vinyl re-issue of the first EP from Perth's Break Even.

First Press:

13 Test Press
100 Black Vinyl
250 Transparent Blue Vinyl
150 White Vinyl (Hardcore 2012 Fest Version)

Break Even - Hell's Gates 1 sided 7"

Date · Break Even · MFM019.5

Vinyl release of the final recorded output by Perth's Break Even.

First Pressing:

250 Black Vinyl 1 sided 7"
150 White Vinyl 1 sided 7" (only available with the White version of the Young at Heart LP)

Blueline Medic - A working title in Green 7"

Date · Blueline Medic · MFM020

Vinyl re-issue of the debut 7" from Melbourne's Blueline Medic.

First Pressing:

10 Test Presses
140 White label Black vinyl with Screen Printed covers
300 Transparent Green Vinyl

Heksed - Revolver, Oslo Tape

Date · Heksed · MFM021

Live tape from Norway's Heksed.

First Press:

66 Pro-dubbed Tapes.

Thee High Priestess - Demo Tape

Date · Thee High Priestess · MFM022

Australian version of the demo from Thee High Priestess from the USA.

50 Pro-dubbed Tapes