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Lots and lots going on...

There has been a tonne going on of late, and I have been pretty bad updating the news section, so I will try and keep it concise...

The Pro Team - Our Wasteland 7" has come and gone. It was released a couple of weeks ago and sold out in 5 days. It was just mindblowing.

If you didn't manage to get a copy, the band have 30 copies (hassle them here:, Poison City records has a couple, Ritual Music has a couple, Resist got 5 and Clarity got 5. So hopefully you can still get onto one if you missed out. This will not be repressed in the forseeable future. Thanks to all of those who ordered.

The Milhouse - Everything's coming up... 7" is at the plant, but has now seen a 2 week delay, due to a problem with the test presses. The plant picked this up, and didn't bother sending them to me, and opted to recut to save me any headaches, so that was lovely of them! It is now due Mid March.

The Marathon - I'll never look at you the same 7" is also now at the plant, with a planned release of Late March.

The Seduction - Betrayed LP is also at the plant, and I will know a release date on this very very soon... (About bloody time for you guys that ordered this years ago...)

There are 2 other 7 inches in the works also. First up the debut EP by Melbourne Band - Urns. This will be a 5 song 7" and it will have some pretty kickass hand assembled artwork. I will be screen printing the covers for that one, and along with the band, we will be putting them together. I am very excited about this one. Dark Heavy Hardcore, along the lines of Cursed and Tragedy. Stoked.

And last but not least for this run of news, a split 7" a long while in the making: VVEGAS/Abraxis split 7". The artwork will be handled by Dwid Hellion (Integrity ect), and will kick so much ass. More details in the coming weeks for that one.

New songs by all bands will be up very soon for you to listen to!

Thanks everyone for your support so far this year and I look forward to bringing you all some awesome music real soon!


Posted on February 18th, 2012