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Milhouse - Everything's coming up... 7" (second pressing) Egg and random colour.

After selling out, I have repressed 200 copies of the first Milhouse EP.

100 on Broken Yolk Egg Vinyl and 100 on Random Colour Vinyl. (The egg is more expensive because they are all done by hand, therefore cost me more to produce).

Recorded after just three and a half rehearsals on a half a shoestring budget at Mr Milk Studios in Annandale, Milhouse’s debut EP Everything Is Coming Up… is the best eight-minute party you will ever attend.

Consisting of members from Lights Out, Animal Shapes and Between The Devil And The Deep, the trio called on engineer/producer Dylan Adams to capture these four two-minute nuggets of socially inept, awkward pop punk.

From weight loss to robots, internet slang to the back garden, Thom’s lyrics tell stories of the everyday set over the kind of tracks that The Promise Ring and the Get Up Kids paved the way for in the 90’s.

This EP will be released as 300 copies: 200 on Black and 100 on Opaque Purple vinyl. The front of the back will be stickered with the image seen on the cover (the cover is just the photo, taken by the lovely Max Buchanan).

You can here the EP here:

For fans of: The Get up Kids, Piebald, The Promise Ring, Blueline Medic & 90's emo/pop punk.

Pressing Information

5 Test Press

First Pressing:

100 Semi Transparent Purple
200 Black

Second Pressing:

100 Broken Yolk Egg vinyl
100 Random Colour vinyl