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Blueline Medic - A Working Title in Green 12" EP MFM020

(Please note, this was a 7", but the plant have pressed it as a 12" EP, hence the price change)

The year is 1999, Caustic Soda and Mid Youth Crisis have called it a day, and with the partial merging of the 2, Blueline Medic was born. The same year, the "A Working Title in Green" EP is released by Sony Music, and then subsequently dropped from the Label (idiots). This EP has been out of print for close to 10 years, and it will be presented here, in all it's glory, and available for purchase again... on the only format that really matters: VINYL.

Blueline Medic's "A Working Title in Green" will be released as a 12" on green vinyl, and is now Shipping.

Pressing Information

300 Green Vinyl
140 white label w/ screen printed cover
13 Test Presses w/Jawbreaker cover