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Mid Youth Crisis - Happiness & Authority LP Repress TMFPS001

2 years after my first issue of this LP, I have worked and worked to find the back cover, and I have finally decided that I will use the back cover as I have it. I have been working on it for a while, and I have finally got it to a point that I think everyone will be happy with.

This re-press also fixes a few other issues with the first run (backwards covers, track listing mistake, lack of back cover). I feel very lucky to get a second run at it, and to make it right.

This is a record that helped shaped a music scene, not only in the bands native city of Melbourne, but throughout the whole of Australia, and written by a band who did the same.

If you're unsure of who the band are, listen to a track here:

Tracklisting for this release is:

Thieves, Tyrants, Cynics
Between The Lies
Know Something
After You My Friend
Life Plan From Birth
Happiness & Authority
Verbal Diarrhoea
Community Announcement
Better Life
Mid Youth Crisis

100 Copies on Black (Out of Print)
300 Copies on Transparent Gold
100 on Clear (Only available at The last MYC Arthouse show - 22nd April 2011)

Second Pressing:

100 on Black Vinyl
100 Sea foam green vinyl
100 Fire Orange Vinyl

Please note: As with the first press, I do not have the digital rights to this record, and Adrian (Lombi) from the band will release all the MYC/OIP music on his new label in the digital and CD format.

Repress is due late Jan 2013.

Pressing Information

First Pressing

13 Test Presses
100 on Black 165 Gram Vinyl (Pre Order only)
300 on Gold 165 Gram Vinyl
100 on Clear 165 Gram Vinyl (Arthouse last shows version)
5 on Clear with Black Smoke.

Second Pressing

13 Test Presses
100 on Black Vinyl
100 Sea foam green vinyl
100 Fire Orange Vinyl